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About Flip Sigi

In 2015, Flip Sigi was just a neighborhood Filipino ‘dive bar’ in New York City’s West Village. Since then, the "Original Filipino Taqueria" has blossomed into a national favorite. Owner Michael Ryan says, “When I saw there were twice as many Filipino Americans in the US than Japanese Americans, I knew something was way wrong. There are hundreds of thousands of Japanese-inspired restaurants, but when it came to Filipino restaurants, there were only about 10 making a splash in the US, I wanted to lead this movement.” The movement from Flip Sigi was felt globally when renowned chef Jordan Andino was brought on to fill the role of executive chef. Since his introduction to this eatery, the brand of Flip Sigi has been made into an ‘approachable, recognizable, and reliable Filipino brand’ which was the vision from the beginning. Often, Chef Andino is known to shout “Sigi Na! Sigi Na!” while in the kitchen, which means "Let’s Go! Let’s Go!” shares Michael. So, when choosing a name for their restaurant, they wanted something that matched the brand. Flip Sigi loosely translates to “Go Filipino!,” a perfect fit.

     - Hobokengirl | Feb 2022

We embrace uniqueness and we encourage each other to be the best versions of ourselves


We proudly introduce Am-Asian flavors to
Americans one tasty dish at a time


We believe in cultivating strong relationships with everyone in our restaurant and beyond


We are focused on keeping it real and keeping it energized for both our crew and our guests


We are driven by a commitment of doing right by good people in every interaction

We only hire "rockstars" who love what they do and understand what it takes to succeed


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